One Peace World Global Summit 2021

One Peace World Global Summit 2021

October 13, 2020

The “One Peace World Global Summit 2021” will focus on these major themes: – Global Initiatives for Positive Peace, Youth Diplomacy and Peace, The use of Science and Technology for Peace Building.

One Peace World believes that our aim to bring added value to the traditional method of peace negotiations will prove to be conducive in the innovative approaches for rapidly promoting peaceful relations among global actors.

 OPW emphasizes to promote the culture of peace and diplomacy to tackle the global challenges. In the present world, where many countries are at war and violence, OPW envisions of acting as a mediator to being out the best practices to prevent the violence and promote peace building in all the conflict affected areas in the world.

“One Peace World Global Summit”:  One Peace World wishes to present an opportunity in the development of soft-skills for aspiring peacemakers and future world leaders. It is hosted to recognize, enhance and develop the next generation of peace builders and world leaders. Through our networks of exceptionally bright and accomplished experts, future leaders of Peace building will gain further insight, tools, and opportunities to engage with key stakeholders at a crucial time in their careers and broaden their connections to influence global leaders to promote one peace in the world.

The first edition of One Peace World Global Summit will be launched as an annual gathering of peace makers, diplomats, young professionals, policy makers, social innovators and academics in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 21-22, 2021. 

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