peace October 13, 2020

Application Open for Country Representative and Deputy Country Representative

Applications are now open to suitably qualified candidates for Country Representative/Deputy Country Representative of One Peace World (OPW). The positions seek to recognize pragmatic youth leaders across globe in an effort to establish a peace and development. Overview We are one of the largest organizations of youth involved in peace building and youth leadership. We […]

peace September 24, 2020

Youth Diplomacy : A New Actor in Global Diplomacy

            The recent turmoil that the youth back lashed in Nepal was against India’s inauguration of a Himalayan link road built in a disputed territory which falls under the strategic junction with China. There were several protests in the roads and around Indian Embassy as Nepal views the alleged incursions as a stark example of […]

peace September 24, 2020

Social Work Profession: A Nexus between Humanity and Modern World

Human beings are thriving towards technological advancement and innovations. Everyday human minds with their zeal for exploring the world have gone far beyond the imagination and have made significant impact debunking the concept ‘Impossible’. Humankind is blessed with sophistication with prosperity and luxuries but in the midst of scientific achievement, economic prosperity and technological milestones, […]

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