About Us

Who are we?

We are one of the largest organization of youth involved in peacebuilding and leadership. We started in 2020 from Nepal to do the peace movement with collaborating different countries youth. The main aims of the organization is to motivate young minds in peacebuilding, leadership, diplomacy and community empowerment for a peaceful world. We globally conduct projects and campaigns on Peace, diplomacy, non violence to maintain peace and safe movement towards the globe by gathering awareness, empowering the youth voice and finally making them sustain.

Youth in Peacebuilding

We encourage young people to take initiatives on peacebuilding locally and share their stories globally.

Youth Leadership

We work globally to enhance the leadership in young people and provide them with platform for global exposure.

Youth Diplomacy

We work to promote and enhance the multilateral relationships between nations through the youth initiatives.

Youth Empowerment

We empower young people to work for community empowerment. We provide them with opportunities to work for community to promote the culture of peace.

What do we do?

• We connect young people of different regions around the globe.
• We share people’s stories of pain and successful stories of overcoming conflict around the
• We Equipping young people with education and skills related to conflict resolution, mediation and peace building.
• We promote peace campaigns and non violent movement movements around the world.
• We enhance youth leadership.
• We recognize the contribution of young people around the globe in the field of peace building.

Promoting Peacebuilding

Enhance Leadership

Promoting Diplomacy

Empowering Communities

Our Story

One Peace World (OPW) is one of the largest global organizations working for world peace and empowering communities towards positive peace globally. The main goal of OPW is to motivate and empower young people, provide policy framework and practical guideline for global actions, promote peace education, strengthening non-violence movements, creating platform communication, global network for peaceful world. OPW is firmly committed in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nation.

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Our Teams

One Peace World comprises of global leaders, peace builders and ambassadors who represent diverse ages, education histories, backgrounds and nationalities. Our members are committed towards the goal and vision of One Peace World.

Our Partners